License # C-9383

We are licensed in Pinellas County. We hold a Finish Carpentry Contractor license.

This means we are a specialty contractor whose services are limited to the execution and performance of contracts requiring the experience, knowledge, and skill necessary for the onsite fabrication, assembling, handling, erections, installation, dismantling, adjustments, alteration, repair and servicing involving wood, light gauge steel and allied construction materials.

The scope of such work shall include: paneling, interior and exterior trim, cabinets, bookshelves, shelving, wood flooring, stair treads, risers, handrails,  interior windows and doors.

The scope of such work shall include: non-structural framing installation of exterior windows and doors involving only existing openings and that are incidental to the wood construction work and shall not include any structural modifications.

The scope of such work shall comply with all plans, specification, codes, laws and regulations applicable.

The scope of such work shall include the work of Cabinet Contractor. The “Finish Carpentry Contractor” shall not contract for any work of another trade that is included within the scope of any other licensed contractor except as allowed under the cabinet contractors scope of work.

(Established 1/21/03) Pinellas County Licensing Board

Cabinet Contractor

“Cabinet Contractor” means a specialty contractor whose scope shall include cabinets, counter-tops, bookshelves, and shelving.  It shall also include interior paneling, incidental drywall, trim, and non-structural framing incidental to the installation of cabinets, bookshelves and shelving.

The Cabinet Contractor shall be allowed to subcontract with other licensed contractors for work directly related to and incidental to the work as outlined herein, but which falls within the scope of another licensed trade and may include but shall be limited to the following:1. electrical 2. Plumbing, 3. Mechanical, 4. Ceramic Tile, 5. Gas -LP & natural gas systems. 6. Windows.

Nothing in this definition shall be construed to limit or infringe upon the scope of work of any specialty contractor certified pursuant to Chapter 75-489 FS

(Established 1/21/03) Pinellas County Licensing